Professional Development

To be sure our students are ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century, classroom teachers have to know how children develop an understanding of the core concepts of mathematics and the essential ideas that are milestones or hurdles in the growth of understanding. Kathy Richardson has identified these stages of learning as Critical Learning Phases™. It no longer makes sense for teachers to teach their students procedures for solving math problems without meaning and understanding.

Math Perspectives realizes the importance of the professional role of classroom teachers and we know teachers need continued support and professional development to meet the growing challenges of the profession to make sure children have a solid foundation and understanding of the mathematics they need to be successful in upper-level mathematics and have the intellectual advantages each and every student deserves.

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Developing Math Concepts in Pre-K
Grade Level: Pre-K
Duration: 2 days
This two-day course focuses Pre-K teachers on how to create a positive environment that supports the learning of mathematics. They will gain knowledge of how mathematical ideas in a Pre-K environment are investigated through play, active participation, and intentional learning tasks and will learn to utilize questioning techniques to promote mathematical thinking. Participants will learn to provide appropriate experiences that encourage mathematical development and understanding and allow them to differentiate instruction to meet the range of needs in their classroom. The text for this course is Developing Math Concepts in Pre-Kindergarten by Kathy Richardson. More…

Developing Number Concepts
Grade Level: K-2
Duration: 3 days
This course focuses K-2 teachers on ways to help children develop understanding and competence with counting, number relationships, addition, subtraction, and place value. Participants learn how to engage children in meaningful activities that provide appropriate practice and ensure that children have the foundation they need for future success. Participants learn how to create a positive learning environment in their classrooms along with practical methods for providing activities and materials that meet the range of needs in their classrooms. More…



Assessing Math Concepts (AMC) Institute
Grade Level: K-3
Duration: 5 days
The Math Perspectives Assessing Math Concepts (AMC) Institute is designed for teacher educators, math coaches, math coordinators, teacher-leaders, professional developers, and other educators who support professional development of kindergarten through third grade teachers of mathematics. AMC is an in-depth study of how children learn number concepts. Participants spend the week immersed in looking at children’s thinking and learning to identify students’ instructional needs. More…

Assessing Math Concepts (AMC) Grade Level Courses
Grade Level: K, 1 and 2
Duration: 3 days each
Despite the adopted district curriculum or assessments used, children do not all learn at the same pace. As a result, teachers need to determine what their students still need to learn in order to provide optimal and appropriate experiences for them. During these three-day courses, participants will learn to use grade-level appropriate assessments from the Assessing Math Concepts series to identify the instructional needs of their students. They will also learn to use the information gained from the assessments to focus their instruction and maximize student learning using teaching strategies from the Developing Number Concepts series by Kathy Richardson. More…

Teaching for Understanding

Grade Level: K-2/3-5
Duration: 5 days
These five-day courses focus on how to actively engage students in mathematics in ways that take them beyond procedures to deep understanding of basic math concepts. Attention is given to creating a learning environment that allows teachers to identify the instructional needs of individual children and to meet the range of needs in their classrooms. Course time is also devoted to helping teachers develop their own understanding and knowledge of the key mathematical concepts they teach. More…

Number Talks
Grade Level: K-2 and 3-5
Duration: 3 days
During these three-day courses, teachers learn to help students acquire competence in computation using visual models and number relationships to build number sense and to develop numerically powerful strategies that make sense to students. Students work with numbers using strategies that are simple, yet meaningful and powerful. Teachers see these methods modeled as they observe children solving problems during Number Talks. Course time is also devoted to helping teachers strengthen their own understanding of mathematics. More…



Understanding Numbers: Developing Computational Fluency
Grade Level: 3-5
Duration: 3 days
This 3-day course presents grades 3-5 teachers with methods and activities that will help their students develop an understanding of the structure of numbers as the basis for computational fluency. Topics include place value, multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and a first look at decimals. More…

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