Pre-K Resources

Math Perspectives has everything for your Early Childhood program – assessment, curriculum, number talks and professional development.

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Developing Math Concepts in Pre-Kindergarten Learning Activities for Parents and Teachers To Do At Home

Math Perspectives understands the need to keep students engaged in meaningful learning experiences at home, especially when many schools are in session virtually. We know parents need help with activities they can do with their children so we’ve developed Activity Learning Cards for some of the activities from Developing Math Concepts in Pre-Kindergarten that parents can easily do with their children.

Comparing Objects Using Scales: At Home
Making a Homemade Balance Scale
Shake Them Up: At Home


Assessing Math Concepts
by Kathy Richardson

The assessments in this resource are uniquely focused on how young children learn number concepts. The four concepts addressed in the PreK assessment include:

– Understanding Counting
– Understanding One More/One Less
– Understanding Parts of Numbers: Recognizing Small Groups
– Understanding Number Relationships: Changing Numbers
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Number Talks in the Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
by Kathy Richardson and Sue Dolphin

Number Talks are an approach to developing facility with computation that engages children in thinking about numbers and allows them to add, subtract, multiply and divide using the mathematics that is meaningful to them, rather than following procedures that are not.