Developing Number Concepts

Developing Number Concepts
3 Part Series and Guide
by Kathy Richardson

Grades: K-3

These books present a complete number curriculum for kindergarten through third grade classrooms. They are clearly written and each book provides simple but meaningful activities which give students repeated math experiences. These books present an approach based on years of research by the author on how children learn. They are a must for K-3 teachers of mathematics to meet the needs of all their students.

Book 1: Counting, Comparing, and Pattern
Book 2: Addition and Subtraction
Book 3: Place Value, Multiplication, and Division
Planning Guide: The Planning Guide includes comprehensive year long teaching plans along with classroom management ideas.

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Developing Number Concepts Activities for Parents and Teachers To Do At Home

Math Perspectives understands the need to keep students engaged in meaningful learning experiences at home, especially when many schools are in session virtually. We know parents need help with activities they can do with their children so we’ve developed Activity Cards for some of the activities from Developing Number Concepts that parents can easily do with their children. In addition, we are sharing a list of games compiled by Dr. Ruth Parker of the Mathematics Education Collaborative that families can play to help children develop mathematical reasoning while practicing basic facts. Repeatedly playing these games supports student learning and deepens understanding.

At Home Activity Cards

At Home Math Manipulatives

Counting Activities
Count and Dump: at Home
Grab a Handful: at Home
Hunt for It: at Home

Addition/Subtraction Activities
Clear the Deck: at Home
Comparing Yarn: at Home
Grab Bag Subtraction: at Home
Grab Bag Subtraction example video
Plus-and-Minus Train: at Home
Race to Ten: at Home
The Tub Game: at Home

Place Value Activities
Measuring Things in the Room: at Home
Measuring Yarn: at Home
Race to 100: at Home

Comparing Quantities Activities
Comparing Containers: at Home
Grab Bag Comparing: at Home

Ten and Some More Activities
Two Ten Frame Addition: at Home
Two Ten Frame Subtraction: at Home
Home Made Spinner Directions

Multiplication and Division Activities
Cups of Counters: At Home
How Many in the Cups?: At Home

Math Games for Families