Q&A Newsletter with Kathy Richardson

Kathy Richardson is the author and developer of the Assessing Math Concepts (AMC) series of assessments and the Developing Number Concepts (DNC) series for Kindergarten through Second Grade Mathematics. Kathy, Program Director for Math Perspectives, is one of the most respected early childhood mathematics educators. Kathy answers questions from teachers across the country who are using AMC and DNC.

If you have questions for Kathy, please send them to Math Perspectives at info@mathperspectives.com.

Q&A Newsletter Archive:

February 2018 – Volume 3 No 1

October 2017 – Volume 2 No 4

March 2017 – Volume 2 No 3

February 2017 – Volume 2 No 2

January 2017 – Volume 2 No 1

October 2016 – Volume 1 No 1